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Clinical Description

Of the SomnoDent® MAS

The SomnoDent® MAS is a unique, sophisticated, Australian designed oral appliance. It has been the subject of numerous stringent, evidence-based studies that demonstrate the SomnoDent® MAS is a safe, effective, comfortable treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The SomnoDent® MAS has a number of design features and benefits, which overcome many of the issues conventionally associated with oral appliances. These include:

  • A streamlined design with minimal bulk, which maximizes the size of the lingual space and reduces gagging.

  • An excellent fit in both upper and lower arches.

  • The unique design provides anterior and posterior contact, which provide a stable occlusion and prevent tooth movement, minimises tempero-mandibular joint discomfort and injury caused by bruxing.

  • The MAS is constructed in two separate pieces that allow patients to open and close their mouths. This allows clear speech, yawning and drinking without requiring the patient to remove the appliance. The ability to communicate clearly while wearing the device is particularly appreciated by patients and their partners.

  • The small form factor of the MAS and absence of an anterior retaining mechanism helps patients sleep with their mouths closed. This minimises excessive salivation, dribbling, dry mouth and other common side-effects from wearing oral appliances.

  • The high-quality fit of the SomnoDent® MAS provides excellent levels of retention. Additionally, patients can titrate the device (if required) and it is easy to clean and disinfect. While it is exceptionally durable, its acrylic construction allows it to be easily repaired.

  • The device is titratable and allows for each individual patient's optimal protrusion position to be found. One that is both effective and comfortable to the patient.

SomnoMed has an on-going commitment to further research and development to ensure that the SomnoDent® MAS remains a state-of-the-art oral appliance and the MAS GOLD STANDARD among all oral devices.